CONGRATULATIONS to Franco and Janice!

This morning Ivy and I made breakfast for Wil and Tony. I never eat breakfast...it's because the smell of food first thing in the morning makes me feel sick to the stomache. =/ But it wasn't too bad today. We had banana pancakes, fried eggs, spam, fresh fruit, juice, and yogurt.

Wil and Tony got ready for Franco's wedding, while Ivy, Ashlyn, and I got ready for my father-in-law's birthday lunch celebration. I don't know my father-in-law's birthday exactly...he goes by the lunar calendar and it falls on a different day each year. Kinda confusing.
Anyhow, lunch was great. It was nice seeing all the relatives again. I'm getting used to being around Aric's family without him now. hehehe

After lunch, I left Ashlyn with Netty and my father-in-law. Ivy and I took advantage of the entire afternoon and evening cleaning up the house, vacuuming, organizing, and cleaning out the fridge and pantry. Ivy and I collected 4 huge shopping bags of dry-goods to take back to NorCal. It's like a damn food drive. HAHAHAHA!

Ivy and I ate leftovers for dinner and enjoyed the quiet-ness. hehehe =P
My father-in-law, Netty, and Patrick came back with Ashlyn around 8pm. Once again, she came home with a bunch of goodies. We all went to Downtown Disney in hopes of seeing fireworks. Unfortunately, they only do fireworks in the summer and Christmas season. *bummer!* We walked around and enjoyed the street performers, indulged in a chocolate caramel apple, and peeked into some stores.

We got back around 11pm. Ashlyn was tired and slept all the way home. Wil and Tony were waiting for us outside when we pulled up. They said the wedding was beautiful, as was Tony's Best Man speech. =)

We were all pooped and went to bed by 1am. Hope you had a fun and exciting weekend!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Father-in-law and Netty

Ivy, Ashlyn, and me

Ashlyn and Patrick


helping Grandpa blow out his candle

family pic

hangin' out at Downtown Disney

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