Ivy, Ashlyn, and I met up with Mouji-Boy and his lovely Athena for lunch today at The Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Island. It was great seeing them again. Sometimes I forget that I've only known them for a short time because being around them makes me feel like I'm in the company of close friends. They even laugh at me the way my close friends do (ie...prince aric). *squint eyes* hehehe

Athena had a hair appointment nearby, so lunch was cut short. Ivy, Ashlyn, and I walked around Fashion Island and shopped. I picked up a birthday gift for my father-in-law, and we watched the kids play in the pop-up fountains. Ashlyn remembered what happened the last time we were there and decided to stay away from the water. Hmmmm.

We got back to the house by late afternoon. Tony and Wil, who had been busy all day with a friend's wedding rehersal, were napping when we got home.

For dinner tonight, we met up with Franco and Harry at CPK. Both Franco and Harry are Tony's good friends from college....but I've actually known Harry since junior high (and also attended the same high school). It amazes me how much he hasn't changed in appearance. He's still just as sweet as I remembered him, too. I have the urge to whip out my old yearbooks and reminisce. hehehe

After dinner, we hung out at home and watched TV....talking and flipping between MTV, TLC, and E! I finally caught an episode of "The Date Patrol". Very interesting. =)

I'm pooped! G'Night!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Athena and Mouji-Boy

Ashlyn playing

Ivy and Ashlyn

at dinner

Franco and Tony

me, Ashlyn, and Ivy

Harry and Wil

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