HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to James and Grace!


Happy Friday! Today Ivy, Ashlyn, and I hung out and spent the day with Ivy's cousin, Wellington. We grabbed lunch at Islands (yes, that's twice in one week for me). The Hula Burger is such a guilty pleasure for me. =P
We ventured out to Mission Viejo area and checked out some model homes in Ladera Ranch....specifically Well's new digs.

I love walking through model homes and getting decorating tips. Today I learned the term, "shabby chic". hehehe

We stopped off at Lollicups on the way home for drinks. The rest of the night was spent chillin' at my house, playing with Ashlyn and watching TV. Ashlyn's learning soooo much these days. She picks up new words and skills, and has the ability to retain the information. I am completely blown away by how quickly she's learning. In just a matter of a day or two, she has learned to count and knows her shapes and colors! WOW!

Ivy's other cousin, Ray, also dropped by after dinner with his wife, Connie. Ivy and I made friend bananas and we sat around watching "Sweet November". It's a sweet movie...but it didn't help that Ivy kept making snide commentaries to Keanu's acting skills. hehehehe

I watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" while Ivy put Ashlyn to bed. It's great having a helping hand around the house. Ivy's already admitted to me that she's exhausted every night after spending an entire day with an active toddler. Yeah...welcome to MY life! hehehe

I just got done posting all the journals from this week. I know I've been lagging again, but time with my friends are rare and precious.

Wil and Tony and coming in tonight. Yippeee! =) Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn's sour face

Well and Ivy

Ivy and Ashlyn

playing with Legos

"look what I made!"

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