This morning John left to meet another friend before heading back home. It was great having him visit but I felt like the time went by much too quickly. *bummer* =(

The weather looked cold and dreary. Ivy, Ashlyn, and I hung out at home. I did a couple of loads of laundry and cleaned up around the house.
In the afternoon, I had errands to run and another doctor's appointment. I'm finally done with all our doctor and dentist appointments....it's such a relief to get that all over with.

Tonight Ivy, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with Liz. We went to The Cheesecake Factory and each indulged in a scrumptious salad (with a side of french fries). Dinner conversation was really fun. I think it's cool when my friends from back home click with my friends down here. =)

Ashlyn was strangely tired today. She took a lengthy nap this afternoon and went down for the evening, in the car, on our way home from dinner. It was only 9pm! Weird.

Ivy and I spent half of the evening in the computer room and the other half watching TV. I've been feeling really exhausted lately too....and dozed off on the couch before midnight. I'm a horrible host. =P hehehe

Pictures from tonight:

Ivy and Liz

me and Ashlyn

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