The past couple of mornings, Ashlyn wakes up asking for birthday cake. So this morning I promised that she could have one after dinner. Ashlyn doesn't necessarily want the cake itself, but she enjoys blowing out the candle and all the clapping that comes along with it. Whatta ham! HAHAHA!

Ivy, John, Ashlyn, and I ran a couple of errands and had lunch at Curry House. Grace and Brandon drove down this afternoon. We all met Em at Oakley and shopped to our hearts content. I was surprised that I didn't get more. I picked up a couple of shirts for Aric, and couple of sweaters for myself and a cool fun watch.

Tonight a bunch of friends came over for dinner. We had L&L's BBQ and played with the kiddies. I think John and Ivy (though a bit overwhelmed) really enjoyed being around all the lil' kids. hehehe

After dinner, Ashlyn got to have her birthday cake. She had a difficult time blowing out her candle and nearly passed out due to hyperventilation. It was sadly adorable. She finally blew the candle out and we all indulged in a slice of yummy Carvel ice-cream cake.

I missed tonight's episode of "Smallville" and "The Bachelor"....but it was worth it. =D

Pictures from tonight:






another birthday cake


me and John

me and Ivy

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