Today was a pretty eventful day. John, Ashlyn, and I enjoyed a yummy lunch at Islands.
Then John accompanied me on a bunch of errands and doctor appointments. Ivy also got in this afternoon and John picked her up at the airport while Ashlyn got her immunization boosters. Ashlyn was a very brave girl and hardly cried.

After finishing with errands and appointments, we went for boba at Tapioca Express. We also picked up groceries at the market for dinner.

Ashlyn got at huge package in the mail...a birthday gift from Aric. She got the Fisher-Price Fun Folding Kitchen set. We were all excited to play with it. HAHAHAHA!

Tonight John cooked for me, Ivy, Ashlyn, and Emily. He made succulent spare ribs, broccoli and shrimp, sticky rice, and ginger crab. Dinner was amazing! Thanks, John!

I'm sooooo happy my friends are here! It melts my heart that they took time away from their loved-ones and busy schedules to come keep me company. *sniff*

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and John at lunch

Em, Ashlyn, and Ivy playing "house". hehehe

pretend feeding

Ashlyn, Ivy, and I playing

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