HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to my darling ASHLYN!

(photo collage of Ashlyn's monthly progression)

Today Ashlyn turns 2 years old! Time really flies! I thought the first year went by fast...this year went by even faster! *sniff* So sad.
What difference have I noticed about the first and second year? Well, the first year is filled with beaming smiles, gushing encouragements, clapping, cooing, and never-ending praises. The second year, unfortunately, is filled with a lot of "no-no!", "get down!", "stop it!", scoldings, spankings, and disapproving looks. It's not enjoyable, but very necessary. I've accepted it as part of parenthood and disciplining.
Despite all of that, the past year has been so much fun...much more interaction than the first year. Ashlyn has been (and continues to) fine tune her motor skills, speech, social skills, recognition, and cognitive skills. Her personality has also developed a lot: she is physically tough and fearless, yet emotionally sensitive...she is good natured and flexible, yet extremely stubborn at times....she is silly, animated, and has a playful sense of humor....she is a natural entertainer and loves attention...she loves animals and babies...she's learning to be well-mannered...she's sharp and observant...and she's an absolute joy to be around.
She recently started saying, "I love you, mama!" WHOA!...My heart was aflutter! I was crazy with giddiness...it truly makes EVERYTHING worthwhile!
Brooke Shields was recently quoted saying (about her daughter), "...I look at her and I'm not sure I bargained to love this much." *tap chest* I know EXACTLY what she's talking about.

Ashlyn continues to bring us immeasurable happiness and love. We are blessed!

Today was a mellow day. Ashlyn and I stayed in and took care of things around the house.

My best guy-friend, John, drove down to visit and arrived by early evening. We had dinner at The Yardhouse at the Spectrum and walked around afterwards. Tonight was a beautiful night...not as cold as it's been getting lately. We rode the carousel, shopped around, and caught up with one another. It was awesome.

At home, we played with Ashlyn till her bedtime, then we stayed up chatting and watching TV.

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and John on the carousel


me and Ashlyn

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