This morning my father-in-law and Netty came over to pick Ashlyn up. They took her to church with them (where Netty volunteers at the Sunday School).

I had the whole morning and afternoon to myself! *stretching* I ended up vacuuming the whole house, cleaning bathrooms, organizing, cleaning out the fridge, and going through bills. It was nice to have some time to myself. My in-laws ROCK!

Ashlyn came home around 4pm with a bunch of goodies: balloons, a pumpkin, a drawing she did in Sunday School, cookies, crackers, and toys! She had so much fun. What a spoiled lil' girl! hehehehe
Netty said that Ashlyn was really sharp and sociable in class. Though she is younger than the rest of the kids, she was able to follow along with everyone else. It's nice to hear...but it really came as no surprise to me since I think she's been ready for school for some time now. The problem is, preschool/daycare in my area is a GRIP! We'll wait another year and see.

After months of emailing, I finally met up with my dear friend, Frank. Tonight we had dinner at Honda-Ya in Tustin.We sat in the tatami room and I ordered a bunch of food. We had a really good time catching up. I also got to meet Frank's lovely fiance, Kim!
Ashlyn was super hyper tonight and kept running around like a spazz. If she were not my child, I would be rolling my eyes in disgust and criticizing her parents. hehehe But it was really hard to control her and spent time with my long lost friend. I felt bad enough having to interrupt our conversation countless of times to chase her down. Finally I gave up and let her roam...as long as she wasn't yelling or screaming. At one point Ashlyn had found a broom in a corner and was sweeping the tatami room. =P

It was so nice reconnecting with an old friend. I was surprised to discover that he only lives within minutes from me. WOW! I would have never known if it weren't for Friendster. HAHAHA!

Ashlyn went to bed early again. I got to IM with Aric for a bit before bed. We both switched on our webcams and made silly faces at each other. I tried to show him my new white smile, but he couldn't tell. HAHAHA! Hope you had a great weekend!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Frank, me, and Ashlyn

Kim, Ashlyn, and Frank

me and Ashlyn

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