Today my father-in-law, Netty, Patrick, and Aric's grandmother came over to celebrate Ashlyn's birthday. We had a picnic and spent the whole afternoon at the park. Needless to say, Ashlyn had a grand ol' time....she absolutely loved all the attention with so many people doting and playing with her.

We got back around 4pm. Girlfriend was pretty dirty and had sand in her diaper!!! I gave her a bath and hoped that she would take a nap before dinner (but she didn't). The rest of the afternoon was relaxing as we lounged around, played with Ashlyn, and watched TV.

Tonight we went to Sam Woo BBQ in Irvine for dinner. Aric's aunt, uncle, and cousin joined us. Dinner was good....and afterward, we came back to the house to sing the birthday song and cut the cake. Grandma was tired from being out all day so everyone left shortly after cake.

By 9:30pm, Ashlyn was ready for bed....as was I. I really enjoyed spending the whole day with my in-laws. They're such wonderfully fun people. At the same time, it was kind of tiring playing "hostess" all day (even though I know I didn't have to).

I ended up watching TV till midnight and went to bed. *YAWN!*

Pictures from today:

Patrick, Grandma, Father-in-law, Netty, and Ashlyn




getting some help from Grandpa


playing with Uncle Patrick

birthday cake


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