Today I had another dentist appointment. I dropped Ashlyn off at Grace's, then went for my root canal retreatment. Sounds scary, huh? Normally, the sound of that would freak me out... but I really love this dentist office and didn't have any concerns about the procedure. It took two hours. It didn't hurt at all. I think I even dozed off at one point. =P hehehe
When it was completed, my dentist warned that once the novacaine wore off, I might experience some pain for the next couple of days (and should the pain become unbearable, to give him a call and he'll prescribe medication for the pain). So I was expecting some sort of pain or tenderness, but once the novacaine wore off, my mouth/tooth felt fine. Absolutely no pain whatsoever. DAMN, my dentist ROCKS!!! I'm telling you, I can't stop raving about my dentist. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to him. I was the biggest wuss when it came to dental visits....but not anymore! *grin*

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Grace's. We watched TV and played with the kids. It was a laid-back evening. We picked up pizza, and James, Grace, and I sat around talking all night.

Once again, Ashlyn didn't take a nap today. As long as Ashlyn is in the company of her friends, she'll refuse to sleep...no matter how tired she gets. Stubborn child! By 9pm, she was a clumsy delirious grouch. We went home shortly afterwards. Ashlyn fell asleep on the way home, and remained asleep while I changed her into her pjs and tucked her into bed.

With the baby in bed so early, I barely know what to do with myself. I stay up a bit, wonder what Aric's doing, and watch TV: reruns of "Law and Order", the news, and reruns of "The X-Files". Eventually, I end up going to bed much much earlier than usual. Which is probably best...I need the extra rest to shake this damn cold!

Here are some photos I took of Ashlyn this morning. Yep, she's sleeping with me while Aric's gone. She's sooooo darn cute and playful in the mornings. I love waking up to her tiny pecks on my cheeks, her sweet hugs, and bright smiley face. =D


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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