Just when I thought I was finally getting over this stupid cold, I was feeling especially illin' today. =(
Ashlyn and I spent the day hanging out at Grace's, with her and the kiddies....and being in their company made me feel a little better.

Tonight Glenda came over for dinner and to keep me company. I picked up take-out from L&L's for dinner. They recently opened one in Irvine! *WOO-HOO!*

Heritage Plaza
14310 Culver Boulevard, Unit A
Irvine, CA 92604
Tel: (949) 262-9088

Dinner was yummy...although I didn't have much of an appetite. Glenda and I spent the evening catching up and playing with Ashlyn.
Ashlyn, who didn't take a nap today, was not very fun to play with. She was easily irritable, unreasonably impatient, and extremely fussy. I was pretty tired too, and it must have been really obvious, because Glenda went home much earlier than usual. =P

I put Ashlyn to bed at 9pm, picked up around the kitchen, then went to bed early. Being sick really sucks!...especially when there's no one to give you a hug. =(

Aric emailed me a bunch of pictures of our apartment in Taiwan. We live in a high-rise in a gated community. From what I can gather from the pictures, the entire place has tile flooring, individual A/C units in each room, and is incredibly tiny (despite 3 bedrooms and 2 baths). It's cute though. =) I already have ideas on rearranging the furniture to make the place more functional and spacious. hehehehe

Pictures of our apartment in Taiwan:

living room

dining room


bedroom #1

bedroom #2

bedroom #3

bathroom #1

bathroom #2

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