HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to Grace!

To my beautiful mama-friend~ Wishing you a glorious birthday!
May it be filled with all the love and happiness you bring into our lives! *HUGS!*

This morning, Ashlyn and I woke up, had breakfast, and watched Saturday morning cartoons.

My father-in-law and Netty came over by noon, and we had lunch at A&J's chinese breakfast and noodles for lunch. We grabbed Lollicups and headed over to Heritage Park so Ashlyn could run and play.

I'm feeling a little bit better today...my nose didn't run as much, I didn't cough as much, and my body ached less. I have no idea why it's taking me nearly an entire week to get over this thing. Ashlyn and Aric were able to shake the cold in a few days.

After we got back from the park, Ashlyn was pooped and took a nap. My father-in-law and Netty left me to rest as well. But the minute they left, Ashlyn's head popped up, and she was wide awake. *sigh* No nap for Peg. =(
We spent the rest of the afternoon playing, reading, and watching new "Elmo" DVDs.

Aric called to say that he arrived safely. We talked for nearly an hour. I was surprised at how much we had to talk about. Kinda made me realize how much we took for granted when we're together. =P

Tonight Wing and Em came over for dinner. I made a simple tossed greeen salad, and ravioli and alfredo sauce. Wing and Em brought over some canned soup and a rotisserie chicken. It was comfort food.

We caught up over dinner then popped in "Malibu's Most Wanted" on DVD. HAHAHA! Funny movie! Wing just flew in from Taiwan this afternoon, and was a bit jet-lagged. I caught both Em and Wing snoozing on the couch during the movie. No wonder I was the only one laughing. HAHAHAHA! They left shortly after.

I forgot to take pictures today. I should have taken some of Wing. His hair is soooooo long! I almost didn't recognize him. He looks like a fobby chinese rockstar. hehehe

I laid in bed and watched VH-1's "Hot Mamas" and "Awesomely Bad Girls". G'Nite!

Ashly's pic of the day

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