This morning I had a dentist appointment. Grace and Taylor came over to watch Ashlyn. Ashlyn was still sleeping when I left.

I had a few X-rays taken....which appeared instantly on the computer monitor. Dental X-rays gone digital! Very cool! I had two fillings today, and a temporary filling in place of where one fell out. He said that I will need a root canal retreatment in that particular tooth (because my last dentist did a poor job). *Yikes!* He reassured me that it will be painless....and since today's dental work was pain-free, I stopped worrying. Did I mention that I really love this dental office?! hehehe

After my appointment, I headed home. Grace, Taylor, and Ashlyn were watching "Bear in the Big Blue House". Grace and I picked up Lauren from school, had lunch, and bought groceries.

I got back by late afternoon. By then, it felt like I had such a long day. I rested on the couch while Ashlyn napped.

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner at home...then went to Target for last minute items Aric needed for his trip. We hung out at home, watched reruns of "Law & Order" on TNT, and milked every second we had with one another. Just one more day till Aric leaves. =(

Sorry no pictures today.

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