(Phil and Ann in NYC - Aug. 2003)

This morning Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to South Coast Plaza to shop and pick up Ashlyn's portraits. South Coast Plaza is featuring the Festival of Children this month (a showcase of children's saftey, education, activities, and arts).
Ashlyn was ecstatic riding the carousel, and completey beside herself when she saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the mall! It was so cute seeing her make her way to them on her own. But once she got there...she refused to leave their side! HAHAHA! Hmmmmm, she might be ready for Disneyland afterall.

After prying Ashlyn away from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, we had lunch at Marukai. Aric and Ashlyn had L&L's while I had ramen from a different vendor. We bumped into some friends and ended up eating with them.

After lunch, I picked up some groceries, then headed home. Aric and I cleaned the house and garage while Ashlyn napped. Aric finally made enough room in the garage for his old RX-7.

Tonight a bunch of friends came over for dinner. I made shabu-shabu. We hung out with our friends and watched the Emmys. Everyone went home after the Emmys.

Ashlyn's cold is pretty much gone. She still has a residual runny nose...but the coughing is gone. Unfortunately, I think I'm coming down with what she had. As I was tidying up the kitchen after our guests left, I felt the familiar glandular swell at the back of my throat. *slap forehead* OH NO!

I'm gonna drink lots of water and go to bed early. G'Nite! Hoped you had a fun weekend!

Ashlyn on the carousel

Ashlyn hugging Minnie

...hugging Mickey

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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