A beautiful wife, loving mother, hard working business-woman, wonderful daughter, awesome sister, and an incredibly exceptional person! I love you!

Also HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to Lil' Christopher!

CONGRATULATIONS to Rich and Loreena!


This morning, Aric woke up early for his dentist appointment. Despite my constant raving and praise over my new dentist, Aric opted to see his friend, Bernie, in Oceanside.

Ashlyn and I had lunch at McDonalds, where she happily ran about in the Playarea afterwards. Ashlyn had a really good time, but I could also tell that she was coming down with a cold. She had a pretty bad runny nose and a bit of a cough.

Aric got back by 3pm, and we packed and organized a bit while Ashlyn napped.
My father-in-law and Netty stopped by with a friend to visit. they didn't stay long.

Tonight we got together with Ben and Liz for dinner at The Olive Garden. We haven't seen Ben and Liz since their Superbowl Party (back in January)! We spent the evening trying to catch up with one another. It was really good seeing them again. After dinner we hung out at home, watched TV, and had some cake (that my father-in-law had brought over as my belated birthday cake). I thought that was really nice of him. =) Today was a really nice day. I hope Ashlyn feels better soon though.

Pictures from tonight:

Liz, Ben, me, and Ashlyn

Liz, Ben, Ashlyn, and Aric

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