Happy Friday! This afternoon, I went over to Grace's, had lunch with her and the kiddies, and left Ashlyn with them so I could go to my dentist appointment.

Good lawd!...it's been nearly 5 years since my last dental visit. I really hate going to the dentist...it's all due to traumatizing experiences as a child. =(
I was deathly afraid going this afternoon, and had expected the worst. Surprisingly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. A lot has changed in the world of dentistry since my last visit. I had a regular check up and cleaning. The cleaning was far different than the scraping and picking I had remembered. This dental office used an ultrasonic water-pick that gently removed tartar buildup and such. It was awesome. The hygienist then polished my teeth with the familiar rubbing compound that tasted like bubble gum. She said my gums are really healthy. *thumbs up* My dentist was super nice, too. He examined each tooth and told me what needed work. He didn't make me feel like a disgusting yuck-mouth. hehehe

I explained that I was on a tight schedule with the upcoming move, and he was very accommodating. Before I left, I hugged the hygienist. I don't usually do that....but she changed the way I felt about going to the dentist (as did everyone in the office)...and I really appreciate her for that! =)

I went back to Grace's and spent the rest of the afternoon with her and the kiddies.

Tonight Aric, Ed, Sue, James, Grace, and I (along with the kids) went to dinner at Shik Do Rak in Garden Grove. Dinner was really good. We had Korean BBQ with all the little dishes, vermicelli wrap, dipping sauces, and cold noodles. I was stuffed!

After dinner we hung out at James and Grace's for a bit, then came home. Ashlyn was really tired (since she barely had a nap today), and she developed a bit of a runny nose. After we put her to bed, Aric and I stayed up, watched TV for a bit then, went to bed. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Sue, Ed, and Liv

Grace, Taylor, Lauren, and James

Ashlyn, Aric, and me


Have a fun weekend!

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