HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Alexander!

We miss you lots, sweetie!

We got home from Ed and Sue's around 3:30am, went to bed around 4am, and got up around 11am. I consider Aric and I really lucky to have gotten as much sleep as we did. Grace, Brian, Ed, and Sue said that they went to bed around 4am...and their kiddies got up around 7 and 8am! *YIKES!*

After Ashlyn, Aric, and I got up and dressed, I headed over to Ed and Sue's again (while Aric joined the guys at Ed's shop to finish up). It's rare that Brian, Grace, and Brandon are in town, so I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

Sue picked up lunch for us, and we spent the lazy afternoon watching TV and playing with the kiddies.

Brandon, Liv, and Ashlyn playing

Tonight Aric got everyone together for an early dinner at the Crab Cooker to celebrate my birthday. It was very casual. The restaurant (that's essentially a big red barn) has delicious chowders and serves up fresh seafood on paper plates. They also didn't mind that the kiddies were throwing all the breadsticks on the floor. hehehe

After dinner, the party continued at our house. Everyone came over for ice cream cake, to hang out, and watch me open my gifts. hehehe
I got a lot of very generous gifts from my husband and friends. I feel so undeserving of such kindness. I know this sounds sappy and corny...but the gift of genuine friendship is the best gift I could ever ask for. Thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes via email, ecard, snail-mail, and phone call. I'm so lucky!

The highlight of the evening was when Aric and I passed down Ashlyn's old Halloween costumes to our friends' kiddies. They put them on and we all had a big laugh. They look soooo cute!

It must have been the long evening we had previously, because everyone was tired and went home before midnight....though it felt like 2am. *YAWN!*

Pictures from tonight:

friends at dinner

me and my sweethearts

spoiled with gifts

kiddies in costume. hehehe

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