Happy Friday! Today was a quiet day. I cleaned the house, vacuumed, and did three loads of laundry. I packed away Ashlyn's playpen for Ed and Sue (who can use it more than I), and put away a lot of Ashlyn's old toys. Now that we're moving, I need to slowly rid the living room of Ashlyn's stuff for Patrick. I'm sure he'd prefer not to live in a house that looks like Ronald McDonald's Playhouse. hehehe

This afternoon my friend, Wellington, came over to drop off a bunch of packing boxes. We talked at length while Ashlyn napped. It was cool hanging out with Well. He's also a NorCal transplant, and prior to this, I think I only saw him a handfull of times up North...at Ivy's family functions or movies with Ivy and Paul.

Tonight Ashlyn and I hung out at Ed and Sue's with Sue, Grace, Patti, Grace, and the kiddies. Sue and Ed's mom prepared a huge feast for us. The fellas ate a quickly before leaving to work on setting up the network at Ed's new office building. The rest of the evening the wives and I hung out, played with the kiddies, had banana and strawberry crepes, and watched "Finding Nemo" on DVD. The movie's not out yet, but Aric managed to get an awesome copy of it. *clapping!*
It felt like we were running a daycare center the whole evening. Kiddies screeching, crying, laughing, gurgling, pooping, drooling, playing, and fighting. I was exhausted!
I caught Ashlyn and Lauren fighting a couple of times....not just over a toy....but pulling and stretching out eachother's clothes roughly. And no matter how many times I separated them, they still wanted to play together. *shake head*

Once again, I totally forgot to take pictures tonight. *ugh* I'm getting really bad at bringing out my camera these days. Anyhow, all the kiddies fell asleep by 11pm and Patti urged me to take pictures of them sleeping because they all looked so cute and peaceful. Brandon, Taylor, Lauren, Karis, and Ashlyn were all conked out in the living room. It kind of looked like a Asian orphanage. HAHAHA!






Grace, Sue, Grace, Patti, and I talked softly in the dimly lit living room till 3am! And just when the topics were getting good, the fellas returned. HAHAHA! Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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