HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Tony and Corina!

Today Ashlyn and I went over to Grace's for lunch. By 2pm, I quietly sneaked off to my doctor's appointment without Ashlyn knowing. The doctor's appointment went smoothly....and everything's fine. *thumbs up!* When I got back to Grace's, Ashlyn barely noticed I was gone. hehehe She was watching "Barney" with Taylor and Grace's friend, Tina.

We stayed for a little while longer then headed home. Ashlyn was sad to leave Lauren and Taylor. She's been having major separation anxiety with others lately. The last couple of days, she cries for long periods of time when we leave to go home. *shrug* I don't know what else to do but let her cry.

Tonight we had dinner with Aric's family and relatives at Sam Woo in Irvine. We had two large tables...and Aric, Ashlyn, and I sat at the "kids" table with all of Aric's cousins. Aric's cousins range from elementary school age to our age. It was weird because nobody talked. Aric thinks it's because of the age difference. But I beg to differ. Aric's family (particulary his father's side) are all very quiet people. I'd be lucky to get a head nod every once in a while.
It's so different from my family...where everyone fights to get a word in. HAHAHAHA!

I totally forgot to take pictures at dinner...especially after the food arrived. We were all starved and were busy eating. Here are a few pictures prior to dinner (since we were the first ones there). hehehe

Ashlyn and Aric's "cheesy" smile

me and Ashlyn

playing with chopsticks

Ashlyn's pics of the day

After dinner and saying goodbye, Aric, Ashlyn, and I headed home. Em came over around 10pm to help re-dye the red in the back of my hair. After Labor Day weekend, when Sarah and Bett first dyed my hair, the color washed out a lot. The deep red turned rusty orange. It looked awful. I tried holding out as long as I could, but after nearly two weeks, I couldn't stand it any longer. The deep red is back, and it looks good again. I just hope it doesn't fade so quickly again.

In the news tonight were tributes to the tragedy of 9/11 and the Twin Towers. I'm still saddened by that and by how much our lives have changed since that fateful day. My heart goes out to all who have lost so much. *deep sigh* G'Nite!

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