(Tom and his cutie sis, Bett - Dec. 2002)


Today Ashlyn and I met Aric for lunch at his work. His coworkers bought us lunch and we ate outdoors. Afterwards, Ashlyn had a great time playing with everyone in Aric's department.
I found out that one of the girls, who was moving to Taiwan with us, changed her mind.
I'm bummed that the one person I already know is no longer going. *pout* Oh well.
I understand it's a huge decision for everyone going. I guess Aric and I are lucky because we have each other (and Ashlyn), while everyone else going is still single.

But then again, it depends on how you look at it. I've always wanted to live in Taiwan when I was younger and single. The city offers so much fast-paced night life and shopping. *sigh* It's really a fun place to live. Nevertheless, I'll enjoy it in a different way now: FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING! hehehe

Leaving Aric's work was hard for Ashlyn. She cried as Aric strapped her into her carseat....she cried all the way home...and cried for another TWO hours thereafter! Sheesh...I thought I was going to go crazy! She just kept asking for "Dadddddy! Daddddddddy! Daddddy!" *sigh* Heartbreaking, I tell ya! She finally tuckered herself out and took a nap.

Tonight Wey treated us to dinner at Fish Shin. I'm not exactly sure what the occassion was, but it was great seeing Wey and Gina again. Dinner was awesome! We tried all kinds of japanese delicacies, small dishes, and rolls. Normally I don't get very full off japanese food...but tonight, I was stuffed! THANKS AGAIN, Wey!

After dinner we went over to Grace and James' place to hang out. Ed, Sue, Patti, and Sam were there with their kiddies. Lil' Karis surprised me by standing all by herself at 9 1/2 months old. She can side-step along the furniture too! All the kiddies are growing up so fast! Looking at them, I can't clearly remember when Ashlyn was that young. I always have to refer back to my old journals to see what Ashlyn was doing at certain ages. I have bad memory. =P

We stayed pretty late and by the time we got home, Ashlyn was fast asleep. I'm tired. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Gina and Wey

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

Aric, Ashlyn and Wey

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