(Chinch with his new wife, Sarai - July 2003)
Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with incredible memories!

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Yesterday was a busy day. Aric and I took advantage of the day by finishing up home improvements we've been putting off, cleaning and organizing our house, clearing out our guest room for Patrick, and putting together bookcases for Ashlyn's room. Ashlyn had fun playing in her room and watching us work.

Wing, who put up Ashlyn's curtain rod, had warned me about the rod not being secured in a stud. Sure enough, Ashlyn pulled on the curtain, and the whole thing came crashing down. Luckily, no one was hurt. Ashlyn just stood on her bed saying "Uh, oh!" repeatedly. Aric put in some anchors and secured the rod. I'm happy to say that that suckers never coming down! hehehe By the end of the night, we were soooooo beat!

It's a great relief to get all that done....but at the same time, it's sad to think that we have to leave it all behind soon. The move is finally setting in, and I'm not holding up as well as before. I haven't been sleeping restfully at nights...the anxiety is overwhelming. =(

Today I spent the morning organizing and cleaning my closet, collecting valuables for the safe deposit box, and vacuuming. I filled two large trash bags with unnecessary clutter accumulated over the past couple of years. I also took the time to refresh our picture frames with current pictures.

An ever-growing dark cloud loomed over my head as thoughts of moving consumed me. I'm starting to lose my upbeat perspective. The thought of being away from comforts of our friends, family, and home are overpowering. *struggling* I....MUST....STAY...STRONG!

Tonight Patrick came over for dinner as we discussed details of things we need him to take care of while we're gone. I'm really grateful for his help. I think this will work out wonderfully for all of us.

The rest of the evening was spent watching the 2-hour finale of "For Love or Money II". A happier ending than I anticipated. I'm really going to miss these reality shows in Taiwan. hehehe

I forgot to take pictures today. So I'm sharing old pictures:

girls looking at water

Ivy, Bett, me, Cin, and Wil

Last year...around this time, my girlfriends and I cruised the Mexican Riviera aboard Carnival's Elation. *sigh* Reminiscing over fun times chased away my blues. I look forward to our next trip. Not sure when that'll be, but it's definitely there. *clapping*
Perhaps I can convince the girls to an Asia Trip....HK, Malaysia, Singapore, HK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Phillipines (as thoughtfully suggested by my sweet Winnie). *YEAH!* =D

Trying to go to bed early tonight. G'Nite!

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