HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Oliver!


Aric, Ashlyn, and I had a busy day. This morning Aric got up early and brought us Krispie Kreme donuts for breakfast. Mmmmm! We ran some errands - shopped at Costco, Aric got a much needed haircut, Ashlyn had her portraits taken, and we had a quick lunch.

This afternoon, Aric, Ashlyn, and I attended a lavish wedding at Easter Hill Estate in Rocking Horse Ridge in Orange Hills. The mansion sat atop a hill overlooking all of Orange County. It was absolutely breath-taking.

After the ceremony, guests mingled while enjoying the awesome view, cocktails from bar, and hors d'oeuvres hand served by caterers. The banquet took place underneath a grand tent decorated with sparkling lights and superabundance of fresh roses and flowers. Dinner was amazing...it was buffet style offering three different types of food: Herbal Roasted Prime Rib, Macadamia Nut Encrusted Mahi Mahi, and Parmesan Chicken. Each station served salad and side dishes that complimented the entree. Aric and I opted for the Prime Rib, while others at our table sampled from each station. Smart! hehehe

If Aric and I could get married all over again, I would love for our wedding to be like this. The natural backdrop really added to the event. Not to mention, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was sunny, but not too hot...and as the sky darkened into night, it remained clear and warm.

I was most impressed with all the decorations and the glass dance floor constructed over the swimming pool. I felt as if I were attending an A-list party that celebrities often throw. hehehe Ashlyn had such a great time and danced the night away. After almost an hour of dancing, we had to pry her away for cake. She really didn't want to leave. That wild party animal! HAHAHA!

Speaking of Ashlyn...she turned 23 months today. She's talking so much more these days. She knows the names of most animals (and their sounds), inanimate objects, and people's names or titles (ie. grandma, grandpa, etc..). She often repeats everything we say and is learning new words everyday. As of late, she's picked up "Awww, Man!" *squint eyes* I don't know where or who she got that from, but it's hard trying to wipe that from her vocabulary. Her other most spoken words are: "No!", "I try!", "Mine!", "Sorry", "Yeah", "Welcome", "Okay?", "Cool!", "Thank You", "Look!", "Oh No!" and "Elmo"...just to list a few. She's also finally learning the alphabet and counting...although she mixes the two sometimes.
In the past month she has gotten pretty testy and moody. She's stubborn and fiercely independent when she wants to be. I can tell that she's testing her limits and boundaries. We like that she's growing and expressing herself, but sometimes a sharp and firm "NO!" is effective enough to make her stop in her tracks.
She continues to eat well, and will ask for certain foods now. There hasn't been much progress in potty training. But that's more my fault since I haven't been diligently putting her on the training seat. *sigh* Same goes with bottle and pacifier weaning. Sometimes it's just easier giving in than fighting with her. I assume full responsibility for her shortcomings and beat myself over the head all the time. =P
For the most part, I find that Ashlyn's an incredibly perceptive child. Having babysat through most of my teen years and having a hand at raising my nieces, it's completely natural for young children to be self-centered (the "ME, ME, ME!" syndrome). But with Ashlyn, she observes her surroundings and acts accordingly. If she sees that I'm busy with chores, cooking, or on the phone, she'll play quietly on the side until I'm done. But if I'm watching TV or checking email, then she'll demand my attention. She's better behaved when we're out in public than at home. Our friends think it's awesome that she gives us "face". HAHAHA! It's kinda weird... almost as if she knows the proper time and place to have her fits. I have to say, her patient and accomodating nature is spoiling me. =T
My, my...she's growing so fast. In another month, she'll be 2 years old! CRAZY! Even though we miss when she used to be small, we're really enjoying her at this stage. Totally interactive and fun! I love her to death!

We got back from the wedding around 10:30, gave Ashlyn a bath, put her down to bed, and watched "While You Were Out" and "What Not to Wear" before bed.

Oh wait...I forgot to mention something about the wedding. Tonight Ashlyn wore her pretty (flowergirl) dress she wore for Sarah's wedding. I figured there won't be too many opportunities where she'll get to wear that dress before she outgrows it. Unintentionally, it turned out that Ashlyn's sash matched the EXACT shade of lavendar as the bridal party! She looked like she was part of the bridal party. Even the bride was stunned when she saw. *blush* Uh, mah bad! What are the odds? =P

Pictures from tonight:

cake table

Tom and Kathy's entrance

our table

me and my sweethearts

Aric and Ashlyn with Tom and his beautiful bride, Kathy.

me and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and friends

Ashlyn sitting on the grass enjoying music

gorgeous view overlooking OC

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