With a brand new baby in the mix, may it add to your wedded bliss! =D

Happy Friday! Today Ashlyn and I spent a quiet day at home. I don't even know where to begin with packing...so I'm just going to wait till I get a better idea. If I had my way, I'd want to pack EVERYTHING (so I would be surrounded with familiar things). But that's just not possible. *sigh*

Between Aric and I, he's the messy and unorganized one. His desk (at home and at work) is a huge mess....piles and piles of stuff everywhere. It's a wonder how he manages through all that clutter?! But slowly, my desk had gotten pretty messy too. So I finally got around to organizing and cleaning it. I also kept busy with laundry, making doctor appointments, and updating my Palm Pilot and calendar.

So I finally told my mom about the move. I wasn't keeping the news from her on purpose. My parents had been on a Cruise ship this past week, and they finally got back today. My parents are very happy and excited for us. They see a lot of positives that we can't seem to see just yet. =P

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with friends at Market Broiler in The Block. They want to squeeze in as many dinners as possible before we leave. When you put it like that, it makes me sad. They also talked about throwing us a "farewell" party...but how depressing is that?!
I rather not pleeeeease!

After dinner, we enjoyed the warm night's air, loud music, and hustle of The Block. Around 11pm, the kiddies got tired and we went our separate ways. *YAWN!*

Have a good weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Taylor walking with Grace and Lauren

Taylor walking on her own! YAY!

Aric, Ed, Liv, and James

25% off?!...gimme two! HAHAHA!

Happy Ashlyn

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