Today Ashlyn and I met up with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor for lunch at CPK. After lunch we ran some errands. I canceled my gym membership and turned in my swipe card. *sigh*Even if we weren't moving out of the country, It's best to cancel anyway...I haven't used my gym membership in months. Sad. *shake head*

Afterwards, we went over to Grace's, and I helped her highlight her hair. It's my attempt in making her more youthful and expressive. hehehehe
My dear friend hides behind loose clothing and a conservative ponytail. She would be a perfect candidate for a make-over show. She's tall, has great skin, and beautiful facial features. We just gotta get her to come out of her shell. *wink*

The highlights turned out nice. Thank goodness. It's really subtle...dark burgandy streaks against her naturally dark hair. It's more noticeable in direct sunlight. I'm used to using the "shower cap" method for highlighting, but Grace picked out a "comb-in" highlighting kit.
Afterwards, she also agreed that we could have gone lighter or more dramatic. But since she's a newbie to this...we'll slowly ease into it. =)

Tonight Aric and I had dinner with Emily at Red Robin. Dinner conversation mainly revolved around our move. Em was very supportive. After talking with her, we felt more comfortable about everything.
It was such a warm night and we decided to walk around The Marketplace and peruse Tower Records after dinner. Aric bought Ashlyn a couple more "Elmo" DVDs. She's so spoiled. =P

So an update on the move: Aric is indeed going first. He's leaving on the 16th (a red-eye flight). He'll be gone for about 6 weeks...which buys me some extra time to square things away. He should return by the last week of October...then we all fly out by the first week of November. Aric will have to put off school for a couple of years and finish his MBA when we get back.

Gosh, I'm going to miss him while he's gone. 6 weeks is a really long time. I feel incredibly sad just thinking about it. It just dawned on me....I've never really been alone here. *yikes!*
I guess with all the changes we're about to face, I just gotta roll with the punches. =T

I'm tired...and my tummy hurts. It must have been all the dairy I had today. hehehe

me and Em at Red Robin

Aric and Ashlyn

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