I'm sharing miscellaneous photos. Here are a couple of pictures of Ashlyn's room- new curtains and curtain rods (Thanks, Wing!) and new bed.

Ashlyn's not sleeping in her new bed just yet. We wanted her to get used to seeing it before the transition. We were hoping to move her into her own room by her second birthday....but now it doesn't seem like it's going to happen...

...this morning Aric called me from work and dropped the big news on me: WE'RE MOVING....to Taiwan...and soon! He has a new project at work that requires us to move temporarily (for a couple of years). =O

Ashlyn and I spent a quiet day at home. With all our friends gone, the house seems so quiet and lonely. *sniff* I had lot of mixed thoughts and feeling swirling about....uncertainty, fear, happiness, nervousness, excitement, etc... *sigh*
While Ashlyn played with her toys and read her books, I kept busy (and my mind off things) with laundry and vacuuming. There were lots of hair in the bathroom and on the family room carpet. No biggie. Considering how many people we had over the long weekend, the house stayed pretty clean. It's nice that my friends aren't slobs. hehehe
In light of the new circumstances, I find it a blessing that I got to see my friends before the bomb was dropped.

Aric and I spent the evening discussing the move (trying to cover every major and minor detail), and deeply pondering (each in silence). Aside from missing our friends and family, Aric and I worried about different things. For him, he worries about living in a new place. Since I'm not new to that, my head was filled with concerns about our house, our cars, our expenses, Ashlyn's schooling, how life will be like out there...including health insurance, doctors, dentists, transportation, etc...
It was comforting to know that Aric didn't worry about all of that. He's making sure that those will all be taken care of. *whew!*
Now, I just need to mentally prepare myself and have a positive outlook. Tonight was an weird night. Both Aric and I had a lot weighing on our minds, and by the time Ashlyn went down to bed, we were both really exhausted.

On a brighter note, I heard the company will be providing housing in a luxe apartment with all the ammenities. *semi-smile*

Ooops, I forgot to mention that Sarah and Bett dyed my hair over the weekend. The color is Preference Professional's HOT RED. It's not as bright as Sarah's red tips...it's deeper and more subtle. We dyed the mid to lower half of my hair and kept the front and crown my natural hair color. It was a two step process, bleach then dye. It took a long time, but well worth it. It's so cool! I love it! =D

Okay...I'm going to bed early. I have a little headache and feeling quite overwhelmed. G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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