This morning we all went for dim sum at China Garden in Irvine. Upon our request, Ed and Sue joined us so everyone could swoon over Baby Liv. Ivy, Wil, and Bett have been wanting to meet Liv for a long time.
Needless to say, Ashlyn was very jealous over the "Liv Love-fest" hehehe

After lunch, we all headed over to Newport/Balboa Island for boating. Traffic and parking was horrendous in Newport...but the biggest damper was the boat-rental company's rude reception as we checked in.
I had called prior to our reservation time to let them know that we were going to be late. The girl on the phone said that it would be fine. When we got there, we recieved so much unwarranted attitude and hostility. The manager was a belligerent prick and made comments about our tardiness. When I told him that I had called earlier to notify them, he didn't believe me. He countered with, "Oh really? Who did you speak to?"
Peg: "I spoke to Emily."
A nervous girl looks up (she looks from me to the manager) and GET THIS....she had the nerve to say, "No, I never spoke with you."
ARGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Can you believe that?! WTH?! I was completely mortified! I can't believe she straight lied to my face! I had an unpleasant exchange with the manager and wanted to cancel our reservation. He told me that if we walked away, he would charge us anyway..."so we had better take advantage of the hour we had left". I was pissed!

We cruised the harbor for an hour and when we returned, the manager (apparently cooled off) greeted me by slinging his slimy arm over my shoulder and saying, "I know you still love me." I shrugged him off and said, "No, I'm still mad." He was taken aback and said: "I was looking out for our best interest. We have to charge you from your reservation time, and your tardiness cut into your boating time."
Peg: "That's fine. I don't care if you have to charge us. I didn't appreciate the reception we recieved when we arrived. When I called, the girl said it was fine...and even if she said that it wasn't fine, I just wanted to let you guys know that I was running behind. But when we arrived, she denied speaking to me and you guys were rude."
The manager then raised his hands up and said, "I guess we have nothing more to talk about"....then turned and walked away.
ARGGGGGHHHH! Can you believe that?! ASSHOLE!
I don't care if we had only 15 minutes to use the boats, as long as you're going to charge me the full amount, what does it matter how I utilize my time? *HUFF!*

I didn't enjoy the time boating...it's very hard for me to shake things off sometimes...but I'm very glad that my friends had fun. I usually rent from a different boat-rental company, and from now on I'll be sure to strictly use the other company.

After Newport/Balboa Island, we all made a Costco run, and BBQ-ed at home for dinner. With everyone pitching in, dinner was prepared in no time. We had so much food. Ray, Connie, and Wellington came over to join us. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and watching "Cradle 2 the Grave" and "Final Destination 2".

Despite the boating mishap, we had a wonderful day. Everyone was tired and called it a night around 2am.
I can't believe the month of August is over! *whistles* Crazy!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Aaron, Ashlyn, Bett, Emily, Ivy, Mayu, Oli, Parkin, Sarah, Wil, and Wing

Aaron giving Bett and Ashlyn a piggy-back ride

Em, Wil, and Liv

Liv with Sarah and Parkin

Ashlyn at the boardwalk

Bett and Ivy

Wing, Em, Bett, Chew, Mayu, and Aaron's boat

Wing and Em

Bett and Chew

Aaron kickin' back

ashlyn driving our boat with Ivy's help

me and Wil

Sarah and Parkin

me and Aric

Sarah, Ivy, and Ashlyn

captain Oli

dinner at home

the grillmasters

Ivy, Connie, Wellington, and Ray

me and Mayu

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