HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Rob and Brooke!

Everyone got in a little after 3am this morning. Suffice to say, everyone was butt-tired. We stayed up for almost an hour chatting and figuring out the sleeping arrangements.

This morning we got up around 10am. Oli and Aaron (who brought their bikes with them) went for a rigorous morning ride. I don't know how they did it, it was a scorching 85° out already.

For lunch, we all went to Bett's favorite place - Oscar's. We pigged out on lemon chicken, wings, BBQ ribs, pizzas, pasta, and spinach salad. Mmmmm!

Afterwards, we went to South Coast Plaza for some serious shopping. Wil and Tony left early to attend a friend's wedding. The rest of us practically spent the entire day at the mall. By 7pm, Ashlyn and the fellas had enough.

We had a late dinner at Honda-Ya. We were starving after a day of shopping and ordered up a bunch of sushi, Japanese tapas, specialty sticks, sake and beer. =D

After dinner, we realxed at home with some wine and Aaron's special brandy (*yuck*), and watched "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" on DVD.

Wil and Tony got back around 1am or so. From them, I found out that my highschool friend, Tu, is a now a proud new DAD! Congrats!

I had such a fun day with my friends. It's hard to list everything that made it so memorable. My journal really doesn't do justice what my friends do to warm my heart and soul. =)

Pictures from today and tonight:

everyone at lunch

Ashlyn and her auntie Bett

Bett, Wil, Ivy, Mayu, me, Ashlyn, and Sarah

Chew, Tony, Ashlyn, Aaron, Oli, Aric, Parkin


Ivy and Bett in the Disney Store

Ashlyn on the carousel

dinner at Honda-Ya

Aaron, Mayu, Ivy, and Oli

me and Aric with grouchy Ashlyn

Oli, Sarah, and Bett

Ivy in her ghetto-chinaman pose! HAHAHAHA!

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