Happy Friday! Today was a productive day....Wing came over for lunch. In exchange for food, Wing's turned into my personal handy-man...he touched up the paint on the rod and ends and put up the curtains in Ashlyn's room. It looks really nice! =D
Afterwards, we visited Em at work and shopped at the Oakley store.

The rest of the afternoon, I was busy doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, and vacuuming.

Tonight Aric and I had a quick dinner at home, and worked on shelving and mounting brackets for curtain rods in our room. I made a couple of pillowcases (with the extra material) for Ashlyn's room.

Spent the evening playing with Ashlyn till she went to bed.

It's 3am...the house is clean, the fridge is stocked, and I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of my friends who are staying for the long weekend. I have no idea how we'll accomodate 10 people in our modest home, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Peg: "Wow...it's going to be like camp!"
Aric: "Yeah...a refugee camp."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry no pictures today...but I'm sure I'll have lots after the weekend.

Have a wonderful and SAFE Labor Day weekend!

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