We got a brand new water-heater installed yesterday. The plumber said that even though the walls look bad, water damage was minimal and was not in dire need of repair. *whew!* Aside from that, I didn't do too much during the day...just waited around for the plumber to come out.

Last night Wing got in...he and Emily came over to hang out. Aric and I were busy making curtains for Ashlyn's room. Yeah, we're crafty. hehehe I had some extra sheets from her bed set and decided to make my own curtains. It turned out really cute. We sat around, chatted, and watched MTV's "The Wade Robson Project".

Today, Ashlyn and I spent the day with Wing. We met Aric for lunch at Alberto's in Fountain Valley (they have the best carne asada burritos), then went to IKEA for curtain rods, bookcases, and odd-n-end stuff. We stopped by Marukai for groceries, then went home.

Tonight I made sushi bar for Wing, Emily, and Glenda. While I prepped food, Wing and Em painted my curtain rods and ends for me.
We had a good time at dinner and afterwards, we watched MTV's "VMAs". The opening number was uh...uh...uh...uh...uh...I'm speechless. It was totally cool seeing Britney, Christina, and Madonna perform. YOWZA!!!

Em and Wing made us strawberry cobbler for dessert. *YUM!* They left before the "VMA's" ended. Glenda and I stayed up till nearly 2am talking. We had much to catch up on. We shouldn't let too much time go between visits. hehehe

*YAWN!* Tired. I got a pretty full day tomorrow. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn at lunch

Wing and Em

Wing's piggy-pout

Glenda and Ashlyn

me, Glenda, and Ashlyn

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