Wishing you a fabulous 30th!
May it be filled with lots of love, good friends, good food, and happy times!

Also, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Lil' Audrey!

I know I've been soooooo lagging on my journals. *sorry* I just haven't had the time. Since returning from NorCal, I've been pretty busy. Besides the usual cleaning house, doing laundry, caring for my neglected garden, grocery shopping, downloading pictures from my camera, and basically settling in...Aric and I have also taken on some home improvements and sewing projects.
By the way...I finally checked email (after several days) and discovered that I haven't been getting emails sent to peg@pegpower.com. Ever since my webhost's server got hacked into, things haven't been the same. If you had sent me an email, and it bounced back, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could resend it to pegpower2003@yahoo.com. Thanks!

The pilot went out in our water heater yesterday. Unfortunately, the discovery came at Ashlyn's expense. Ashlyn had one of those exploding poopy diapers. The horrible ones where poop squished out from the back and soiled her back and clothes. *Ugh!*...thought those days were over.
I took her upstairs, undressed her in the tub, and proceeded to give her bath. After I lathered her up with soap, I discovered that the water started running cold. Aric and I must have used up the remaining hot water in our tank with our morning shower. Poor Ashlyn had to be rinsed with cold water. She didn't like it one bit. =(

Last night, after Aric got home from work and went to re-light the pilot, he found out that our water heater was leaking. It must have been leaking for quite some time because we found water damage to the walls, mold, and corrosion to the pipes. Time for a new water heater. Sucks! I just hope the water damage wasn't too extensive. *sigh*

Today I spent the day with Grace and the kiddies. We had lunch and went to the market for groceries. I spent the whole afternoon at Grace's...and tonight, we celebrated James' birthday (again) with a fancy home-cooked feast and a bunch of close friends. It was really fun. And I'm still stuffed. *burp!*

We got back pretty late. I'm tired. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Aric

Ashlyn (standing in for sleepy Taylor), Grace, James, and Lauren

Lauren helping her dad blow out his candles

Ed, Liv, and Sue

Patti, Karis, and Sam


smiley Liv

Ashlyn giving Liv at push in the toy-stroller. hehehe

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