Happy Friday! Today, Aric, Ashlyn, and I spent the day with Sis, my nieces, and Mom at the Great Mall. We had lunch at Fresh Choice and shopped all afternoon. Mom spoiled all of us by generously (and insistently) paying for everything. Ashlyn got a lot of toys and clothes. Aric felt bad/embarassed and urged us to leave before Mom spent any more. =P hehehehe

I bumped into Mary and Vince at The Great Mall. It was such a nice surprise since I have not seen Mary since last year.

We met up with Dad, Wil, and Tony at Pasta Pomodoro for dinner. After dinner, we rented a movie and went back to the house. We all sat around watching "Life of David Gale". A very compelling drama. I'm a big fan of Kevin Spacey...he's such an incredible actor. It was nice to see Kate Winslet in a movie again.

Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Sis, babygirl, and nieces

Amanda, me, and Chris

Aric and Ashlyn

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