Ashlyn's fever is down a bit. She's in good spirits nevertheless. We just have to continue watching her.

Today Aric and I decided to take Ashlyn to see her first movie- "Finding Nemo". Aric and I went to AMC Mercado in Santa Clara. Ashlyn was a good girl. She sat quietly on my lap for 15 minutes as we waited for the movie to begin. She continued to sit quietly through the previews and half an hour into the movie...then she lost interest and wanted to get down and walk around. She played quietly along the railing in front of us and took turns sitting on Aric and my lap. Ocassionally, she would point at the screen and yell "Shish!" (fish). HAHAHAHA! I didn't really mind much since the theater was pretty empty. Besides, some lady who sat in our row with her two daughters talked on her cellphone the entire length of the movie! *raised eyebrows* Weirdo.

The movie was excellent! The kid in me has been wanting to see this movie for such a long time. I think Aric thoroughly enjoyed it too. hehehe
After the movie, Aric and I walked around the newly built TJ Maxx store at Mercado, and grabbed Jamba Juice.

Tonight we had dinner with a bunch of friends at Miyakes in Cupertino. Miyakes always brings back happy memories from years gone by. We all ordered and ate a lot. And what else is new??? hehehe

After dinner, everyone went their separate ways. Aric, Ashlyn, and I went over to Ivy and Oli's and watched TV. I saw the much talked about "Nick & Jessica" on MTV. Reality TV is everywhere. I found it very amusing...often laughing aloud by Jessica's naïveté and spoiled princess ways. Nick's a pretty cool (an hunky) guy though. =)

Ashlyn was tired from being out all day, and her forehead started getting hot again. I took her temperature...which read 102°, and decided to take her home.

Before bed, I gave her some more Children's Tylenol and a cold compress on her head. After 20 minutes, her temperature dropped to 99°, and Aric and I were relieved enough to go to bed.

Pictures from tonight:

Wil, Tony, Aric, Ashlyn, Oli, Ivy, me and Bett at Miyakes

the girls

Wing, Aric, and Ashlyn

Bett playing with Ashlyn

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