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Aric took a half day from work. He came home around 1pm, loaded up the car, and we began our roadtrip to NorCal. The traffic through LA was bad. By the time we hit Ventura County, I noticed that Ashlyn was feeling unusually hot. I took her temperature and it was 102°! Strange...she didn't look or act sick. I wonder what's causing the fever? We pulled over in Stevenson Ranch and bought some Children's Tylenol.

The car ride up was okay. I drove most of the way. Aric kept Ashlyn company in the back and they kept occupied by watching "The Wiggles" and "Elmo" on the laptop.

We were able to make it on time for our 8pm dinner reservation with my family. We had a big round table at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out at home with my family, Sis, my nieces, Wil, Tony, and Ivy.

Sorry...I forgot to take pictures. =P

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