HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elbin, Wilmer, and Kevin!

Whenever Ashlyn wakes up (and still sees Aric in bed), the first thing she'll do is run over to Aric's bed side table, sweetly wake him up, and proudly hand him his glasses. She's been doing it for the past month. I think it's super cute! It's just too bad Aric's glasses get more and more tweaked each time. HAHAHA!

Today we all slept in. By the time we were up and dressed, it was close to noon. We took Ashlyn to MacDonalds for lunch. After she polished off her cheeseburger, she eagerly ran off to play in the Play Area. The minute she got into one of the tubes, some boy roared loudly at her and freaked her out. She was sat frozen in the tube, crying...wouldn't move forward or backwards, so I had to climb in there to get her. When I went into the tube, the boy also roared at me...it was no wonder why Ashlyn was crying...it was uncomfortably loud and echo-ey inside the tube for any kind of screaming or yelling.
Since I was already in, I decided to crawl around and play in there with her. hehehe =)

After lunch, we went to Home D for shelving, flowers, a bucket, a new step ladder, yard stuff, and stuff for the garage.

By the time we got home, Ashlyn went down for a long nap. Aric washed his car while I dropped in a couple loads of laundry and started on cleaning the grout and tile on the remaining half of the kitchen floor. As much as I love OxyClean, it's messiness is almost not worth it. It's like dumping a huge sack of corn starch on a wet floor. Adding more water only makes it worse before it gets better. Does that make sense? If you don't know what I mean, just take my word for it. I would say try it out on your floor, but that's punishment I wouldn't wish on anybody.

Luckily, my father-in-law, Netty, and Patrick came over to watch and play with Ashlyn, so I could finish up the kitchen floor. It took me nearly 4 hours (with Aric's help), and I'm happy and relieved it's over and done with. *whew!*

Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with my father-in-law, Netty, and Patrick. I was especially proud of Ashlyn tonight. She surprised me by finishing all her food ALL BY HERSELF! I was deeply engrossed in conversation with my father-in-law, and by the time I looked over at Ashlyn's plate, she finished her entire hotdog and was working on the rest of her bun and her fries! I checked the floor to make sure none of it was there..(which it wasn't). I was really really estatic! It's not very often that she finishes anything...especially uncoaxed. Kickass!

My arms and back are so sore. For the rest of the evening, my hands trembled slightly from over-exertion. I'm so out of shape. hehehe

Spent the rest of the evening folding laundry, watching "Trading Spaces Family", and relaxing. *YAWN!*

Hope you had a great weekend!

playing in the McDonalds Play Area

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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