Today we got up early for the Home & Garden Show in Anaheim (a HUGE thanks to Evil for the heads up!). I'm such a big fan of Vern Yip, and absolutely could NOT pass up an opportunity to see him in person. *squeal!*

I never would have thought to attend a Home and Garden Show, but it was pretty cool. Aric and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We viewed several impressive model homes, elaborate gardens, ponds and waterfalls, countless vendors, the Gourmet Faire, and most excitingly...Vern!

Before we left the house, I turned to Aric:
Peg: "Do I look okay?...Do I look nice enough for Vern?"
Aric: *nodding* "Yeah, you good...but it's not like he's going to notice because he's GAY!"
Peg: *squint eyes* "NO HE'S NOT!!!"
Okay, I don't know for sure...but who cares! Aric said the same thing when I swooned over Leonardo DiCaprio after watching "Titanic". HAHAHA!

Vern spoke in an open forum. The Ultimate Stage became standing-room-only. He's such an impressive speaker...smart, articulate, funny, engaging...and all-around nice guy. The couple who appeared in the 3rd Season's Santa Monica episode were there, and Vern pulled them up on stage for a candid testimonial. It was great! *clapping* Even Aric was taken by him. hehehehehehe

Afterwards, he was available for questions and autographs. I got a chance to talk with him while he signed my "Trading Spaces" book. He's really warm and personable. *sigh*
Ashlyn didn't know what she was missing. Vern wanted to hold her while we had our picture taken, but she was scared of him..*shake head*...silly girl! =D

The Home and Garden Show was a dangerous place for me. I watched people demonstrate their goods...and instantly, I was sold on their product. I don't know what made me think that a 12-piece cookware set (worth $400) was a good deal. I was totally ready to reach for my wallet until I saw Aric's "are you smoking dope" look. HAHAHAHA!

We left and got home around 4pm. Ashlyn fell asleep in the car and slept for another good hour at home. Aric washed my car as I picked up around the house, checked email, and lounged lazily on the couch.

Tonight we went to Chevy's for dinner. It was really yummy. Both Aric and I had the steak fajitas. For an extra $2, I added half a Lobster tail to my entree. After giving Aric a bite, I think he regretted not getting the same thing. hehehe

We walked around Woodbridge Plaza afterwards. The evenings have been really warm...er, should I say hot...here. Tonight was 80° out around 10pm. *fan self* Aric and Ashlyn hate the heat, but I'm loving it.

We got home in time to give Ashlyn a bath and catch "Trading Spaces". *giggle*
I must have dozed off after the show, because I woke up around 3am to find the TV and all the lights still on. =P

Pictures from today:

Home & Garden Show- Anaheim

Vern Yip

Vern and Santa Monica - Ocean Park participants

Vern signing autographs

Vern, me, and Ashlyn *YAY!*

playing peek-a-boo


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