Happy Friday! Today I spent the day with my brother-in-law, Patrick. We had lunch at Pat's new favorite place- L&L's. Aric and his coworker met us there. We also happened to have bumped into Aric's classmate, Allen, there...and he joined us as well.
Ashlyn been really clingy with Aric lately. She got really upset when Aric had to go back to work. Despite my attempts to comfort her, she relentlessly cried. With a mouthful of food she refused to swallow, she started choking...really choking! I patted her on the back and cupped my hand under her chin so she could spit out her food. Everyone around us anxiously stared. Ashlyn spit out her food...and immediately after, threw up in my hand. *wrinkle nose*
Pat, along with several others, got pretty grossed out. The only person who didn't seem to mind, other than myself, was Allen...as I heard him say, "sweeeeet!" and chuckle under his breath. HAHAHA!

After lunch, Pat and I shopped at Marukai, then looked into some luxe apartments in Irvine. Pat wants to move, unfortunately the prices in Irvine are much to steep for him. *bummer* ...it would be so cool to have him nearby. =)

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home. It was too hot to be out today.

Shortly after Pat left, my father-in-law and Netty came by for a short visit. Ashlyn got a robotic dog and an inflatable swimming pool from her grandfather.

Tonight we had a late dinner with friends at Islands. I noticed that eating out with this particular group is becoming more difficult...6 adults and 4 small children. It was hard enjoying our dinner or keeping a conversation going while we all juggled between feeding and tending to the lil' ones. But even though it may be difficult, it's still fun and interesting being able to do it together. hehehe

After dinner we went the Spectrum to walk around, enjoy the warm breeze, and indulge in some dessert. We sat around by the Big Wheel, where it was less crowded, and talked till all the kiddies fell asleep.

We got home after midnight. I'm pooped!...and I have an exciting day planned for tomorrow! Have a good weekend! =D

Pictures from tonight:

Grace, James, Lauren, and Taylor

at Islands

looky...Liv standing unassisted!

the kiddies

me and Ashlyn

the moon at the Spectrum

sharing a caramel-candied apple

Liv, Ed, and Sue

sleepy Ashlyn

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