The past few days without having to journal was a nice change of pace. The time I usually work on the webpage is after Ashlyn goes to bed...but the past few nights, I had time to do other things that I normally don't get to do (read, paint my nails, give myself facials, watch TV, play games, relax with Aric, go to bed a little earlier, etc..).
I have to admit though, I kinda missed journaling. =P

So what have I done the last few days? Nothing out of the ordinary...Ashlyn and house chores keep me busy during the day. In the evenings, after dinner, Aric, Ashlyn, and I will go out for walks. It's been really hot at night lately, so we'll get out of the house, walk around, and grab dessert somewhere.

The other night, while we walked around Fashion Island, Ashlyn had a pretty bad accident. She was playing at the pop-up fountain with a bunch of other kiddies...running around squealing and having a grand ol' time...until she collided with an older boy (he was maybe 5 or 6 years old, and a foot and a half taller than Ashlyn). They were both running pretty fast and neither were watching where they were going. Needless to say, Ashlyn flew backwards, landed on her back, and her head hit the concrete with a loud audible knock. *wince* All the parents sitting nearby jumped in horror. I ran to scoop her up. She had the wind knocked out of her...mouth wide open, lips purple, eyes tightly shut, and her face was frozen...it took a few long seconds before her cry came out. My heart still aches just thinking about it. She had the biggest bump head and cried for a really long time. We went home after that. We were fully prepared to make a trip to the emergency room. Ashlyn was back to her old cheerful self by the time we got home. We observed her carefully that night, and luckily, the swelling went down by the next day and there was no real damage.

During the episode, the mother profusely apologized and sent her boy over to apologize. I realize now that my aknowledgement could have been construed as dismissal. I dunno...I was real panicky at the time. But I deeply appreciate the lady's kindness, as I find that gesture to be rare these days. It was, in fact, an accident (although Aric begs to differ, and thinks the little boy was being a spazz and played too rough among the lil' ones). But it was nice that the lady felt somewhat responsible and tried to be consoling.
I think the scariest thing about parenthood is encountering extreme behaviors of other parents. Whether it be wrath or nonchalance...it's anything BUT normal. =T

Sadly, I'm married to one of those people. hehehe Aric is fiercely protective of Ashlyn. After the incident, Aric said, "I don't want Ashlyn playing at the fountains ever again!"
Peg: "Forever and ever???"
Aric: "Yes!"
Peg: *roll eyes*
I had to remind Aric that something like that may very well happen again. Or worse yet, Ashlyn could be responsible for hurting someone else in the future. I can only hope that those parents won't publicly curse or sue the pants off us. =O

So anyhow, that was probably the most hair-raising experience this week (thus far).
Aric and I finally got around to putting Ashlyn's new "big-girl" bed together. It looks really nice. Someone had commented (in my guestbook) of the dangers of having under bed storage drawers. From looking at the bed, I can't foresee a potential of Ashlyn hurting herself on them, but I'll definitely watch for that. The only potential hazzard is that she'll pull out whatever I store in them and make a huge mess. =P

Today was a laxed day. I talked to my mom and Bett on the phone for a lengthy amount of time and painted my toes. hehehe

After having an early dinner at home, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond for waterproof sheets for Ashlyn's bed and walked around Toys R Us.
Ed and Sue had a late dinner at Red Robin nearby, and we met up with them there. We hung out at Red Robin for a really long time, and got home pretty

The past couple of nights, while we lie in bed watching the news, Aric will rub Ashlyn's back as she's about to fall asleep. It's such a sweet sight to see. Then I wonder, "how come he never rubs my back???" *pout* Am I jealous? Hell yeah! hehehehe Ashlyn gets more affection from Aric than I do. Not that I mind...really I don't...but things between Aric and I have changed a lot in the past 22 months. We're less *um*....how should I put it....uh, passionate than before. Yeah.

So here's a personal (but completely anonymous) survey on intimacy. I'm curious...humor me. =)

How often do you have "Nookie"?
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Alrighty, it's late. G'nite!

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