Today was much more relaxing than yesterday. Aric, Ashlyn, and I slept in, rolled out of bed around 11am, got dressed, and headed to the Spectrum for lunch. Today's weather was incredibly hot. We dressed Ashlyn in her pretty new swimsuit (thanks, Auntie Sarah!), and let her loose in the water fountains.

Ashlyn had a great time splashing and playing in the water. Each time we'd go, she finds the courage to move from the baby spouts to play among the bigger water spouts. She's slowly overcoming the fear of getting splashed in the face.
There are a lot of kids that play at the fountains...mostly toddlers. Today an older kid showed up (around 6 years old or so), and she was such a bully. This girl snatched away a cup that Ashlyn was playing with and ran off with it. With the cup, she would dump water on all the the little kids. She got scolded by someone else's parent...and by the third time she poured water over Ashlyn's head, I had to step in. I had to....you should have seen the utter shock on Ashlyn face. Babygirl was miserable wiping at her eyes and gasping for air. I took the cup away from the little girl, and picked Ashlyn up. We resumed play at the far side of the fountains, but Ashlyn no longer wanted to play. Ashlyn's no wimp, but lil' ones need to ease into things at their own comfortable pace without violation. It really irks me when parents don't supervise their own children. *huff*

By the time we got home, Ashlyn was ready for her nap. I worked on the computer while Aric washed both cars. By the time Ashlyn woke up, we joined Aric outside.
Our next door neighbors, Sam and Wendywere out with their dog...and it was the first time we stood around to chat. Ashlyn loved playing with their dog.

Tonight Aric's friend, Tracy, came over to visit. We all went to dinner with Ed and Sue. After dinner we hung out at Lollicups for boba. It was a lot of fun...but I was pooped.
After we got back, we gave Ashlyn a bath and put her to bed. *smile*

Hope you also had a great weekend!

Ashlyn and Aric

Tracy and Ashlyn

Sue, Ed, and Liv

me and my sweethearts

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