Today was a pretty productive day. After we woke up, I changed the linens on our bed, the guest-room bed, and Ashlyn's crib, cleaned bathrooms, and dropped in a couple of loads of laundry.
We had lunch at Islands, went to Sit and Sleep and bought a mattress for Ashlyn's new "big girl" bed. We also stopped off at Bed Bath and Beyond in search of a bed set for Ashlyn's new bed (but didn't find anything we liked).

After we got back, I vacuumed, put Ashlyn down for a nap, and started on cleaning the grout and tile on the kitchen floor....something I've neglected for much too long. If Aric had his way, he would run a wet mop over the floor and be done with it....which IS easier, but it wouldn't be as clean as I like. Instead, we got down on all fours and scrubbed the grout with OxyClean and a cleaning brush, and wiped each individual tile with a damp rag (several times). OxyCLean works wonders...but it's messy: when the granules dry up, it turns into "sand"...and if you don't rinse and wipe well enough, it leaves a white chalky residue on the tiles. After a few hours (and a whole lotta elbow grease), our kitchen floor looked brand spanking new! *wipe brow and pat self on back* =)

Afterwards, I dropped in another load of laundry, we shopped at Target, then had a late dinner at CPK. We spent the rest of the evening vegging out in front of the tube watching "The Wiggles" and "Elmo", and folding laundry.

After Ashlyn went to bed, Aric and I considered putting Ashlyn's new bed together...but we're both too tired and sore. I think we got in a pretty good work out cleaning the kitchen floor. As I lounged watching TV, my forearms felt weak and were shaking ever so slighty. *stretch* My back is sore too, and I have bruises from knealing. =P

*YAWN!* Going to bed. Nite-nite! =D



Ashlyn and Aric

hanging out on the new mattress
Ashlyn's pics of the day

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