Happy Friday! Every now and then, I lose the desire to keep up with this website. For the past week or so, I haven't particularly enjoyed updating...sometimes I downright dread it. It feels pointless to journal if my heart's not in it. And I'm sure it carries over in my writings.
But then, I feel conflicted with the obligation I have towards my family, friends, and other loyal readers. Perhaps it's because I'm exhausted. The last few nights, I've been watching VH-1's "Insomniac Music Theater" because, even though I'm dead tired, I can't seem to fall asleep easily. *sigh* I have to keep reminding myself that years from now, I'll appreciate the fact that I did chronical my daily events. I hope. =T

Yesterday Ashlyn and I spent the day with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor at South Coast Plaza. We shopped, had lunch, and shopped some more. It was good getting out for the day...but Ashlyn refused to take a nap when we got back, and was pretty grouchy by evening time.

Last night, I made dinner - cream of asparagus soup with crumbled bacon, baked chicken, and french fries. Afterwards, Aric and I went to Babies R Us to buy a potty seat for Ashlyn. Lately I've been putting her on the toilet for her to tinkle. She's doing an awesome job so far. I just wished she did "Number 2" in the toilet...but I think having me stare at her while I hold her on the toilet is a bit unnerving for her. hehehe Not to mention, my arms get tired from holding her. So we decided to get her a potty seat so she can sit in peace without falling into the toilet. hehehe
We also hit up Toys R Us to get her a horse-on-a stick. She absolutely loves that thing. For weeks now, she's been riding my Swiffer. HAHAHAHA!

Today Ashlyn and I spent another fun filled day with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor. The weather was gorgeous, and we took the kiddies to Fashion Island to walk around. Grace has been looking all around creation for a birthday gift for her friend's son. I must say, her exhausting diligence in the pursuit of the "perfect" gift is admirable. I, on the other hand, am horrible at picking out gifts. Every once in a while I might come across something unique, but as most already know, I'm a "practical" gift-giver.

In the two days of shopping with Grace, I've been in almost EVERY high-end kids' store/department imaginable (Oilily, Jacardi, Nordstrom, Chanel, Saks, Burberry, Nieman-Marcus, This Little Piggy Wears Cotton, Pampolina, and Grasshoppers).
Call me a cheapskate, but I think a lot of stuff for kids are insanely and outrageously over-priced. I cannot rationalize spending over $30 on a single clothing item for a child...Heck, I rarely spend over $20 on something for myself...but a child, A CHILD!!! They grow so darn fast AND they're messy!
What's wrong with Baby Gap or Old Navy?...they have super cute (and comfortable) stuff for reasonable prices. Some of the expensive stuff I saw was...*ahem*...ugly. There was one designer, Lili Gaufrette, that had super cute clothes...but still, much too pricey for me. =T

It got me thinking...would I still feel the same way if I won the Lottery??? Absolutely!
I'm minimally materialistic. I would much rather spend the lottery money on something else...maybe a new house, with a huge playground and crazy water-slide and pool in the backyard. *YEAHHHHH!* =D

Tonight Aric took me and Ashlyn out to dinner at Inka Mama's. The wait was rather long, but the food was excellent. After dinner, we walked around a bit then went over to James and Grace's for dessert.

We spent the evening going through stacks and stacks of James and Grace's old pictures. I love pictures...and I find it's an intimate way of getting to know people better.

We got home kinda late. *YAWN!* We're all tired. G'Nite! Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Lauren and Ashlyn



thirsty Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Taylor at Fashion Island

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