Today Ashlyn turned 22 months! She currently weighs in at 27 pounds and she's approximately 33 inches tall. Though average for her age, she's freakishly strong and tough! I can't tell you how gutsy she is! She plays super rough and has more than her share of nasty spills, bumps, and falls. People always gasp and anticipate her crying...but she gets up, brushes herself off like it ain't no thang, and continues on. People trip out on that. Aric and I don't flinch anymore either...we're desensitized by it. hehehehe
Now that most of the major "infant to toddler" milestones are behind her (with the exception of potty training and weaning her from her most beloved bottle), it's becoming harder to list all the changes and everything she's learned. These days, she's soaking up everything like a sponge!
Her volcabulary has increased tremendously in the past month...seems like she's been picking up a few new words a day. She still needs to work on speaking much more clearly though, because deciphering her words can be quite a challenge....for example:
The other day, she kept pointing to something and saying (what sounded like) the "F" word.
Peg: "Whaaaaat?"
Ashlyn: "Faaahk!"
Ashlyn: "Faaahk!"
Ashlyn: "Faaahk!"
Peg: *confused* "Huh?"
Ashlyn: "Faaahk!"
Ashlyn: "Faaahk!"
Peg: "I don't understand, baby."
The dumbfounded look on my face forced her to get what she was pointing at.
Peg: "OH.....FROG!" *relieved*

For the most part, Ashlyn has been able to feed herself..but my maternal side usually takes over because she takes too long, makes a mess, plays with her food, or bangs her utensils around. *sigh* In any case, she has been eating better...and that makes me happy. =)
Ashlyn has also been behaving better (compared to last month). I wonder if her "Terrible Twos" are beginning to taper off? *wishful thinking* hehehehehe Her possessiveness and jealousy is less severe now. She'll call for my attention or hug my leg when I hold other babies, but she no longer cries or flips out.
I also noticed that she's playing better with other kids. Before, she would play independently alongside them, but now she actually interacts with them.
With each passing day, she is becoming more and more like a miniature adult. She naturally possesses many wonderful and mature qualities....qualities that I think are usually nurtured over time...such as patience and self control, understanding and empathy, selflessness and generosity, embarassment and modesty. That's not to say that she never acts her age...but on the whole, she's a surprisingly pleasant and loving child. She's adds "spice" to our lives, and Aric and I adore her to bits!

Today Ashlyn and I stayed home. I worked on the yard a bit...pulling weeds and pruning my rose bushes. Our new gardener should be doing all this, but since the beginning of this month, he has yet to show up. *huff* Aric keeps telling me to let the gardener do it (if or when he decides to show up), but I can no longer stand seeing the yard littered with weeds and crabgrass. Last week, while Sonny was visiting, he helped me clear the yard of weeds too...but those darned things grow too quickly. =(

Tonight, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to my mother-in-laws for dinner. I still think we don't visit her as often as we should. =P
During dinner, my mother-in-law brought out a box of old toys (most likely from when Aric and Patrick were little) for Ashlyn to play with. She had a great time!

After dinner, we went to Target with my in-laws for some shopping. We picked up the usual: diapers, drinks, cleaners, and snacks.
Pepperidge Farms came out with "mini's" of my favorite cookies- Brussels & Milanos. Mmmmm! They're yummy!

We got back kinda late and now we're all pooped! G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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