HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Lil' Taylor!

It has been such an absolute joy watching you grow this year!
Big hugs, sweetie!

The above collage was the small project I was working on over the weekend. Taylor is the only baby (other than Ashlyn) who I have pictures of EVERY month! I sorted through tons of pictures, cropped them, printed them on glossy photo-paper, matted, and framed it as part of her birthday gift. I really enjoyed making this particular gift because it allowed me to go through a lot of pictures from the past year and relive some moments. The hardest part of this project was the picture selection. I had a hard time picking since Taylor is as cute as a button in every picture! =D

Today Ashlyn and I stayed in...our day was much like yesterday: watching TV, reading books, and playing games. Ashlyn's learning so much these days, and I'm having a lot of fun with her.
Since Ashlyn got up a couple of hours earlier than usual this morning, she made up for it by taking a longer nap. During her nap, I got to tend to my own things...like, give myself a manicure or paint my toes, check email, surf the web, wash dishes, read a mag, etc...

I found out that El gave birth to a healthy 6lb 14oz baby boy yesterday! CONGRATULATIONS, El and Keith!...and to Cin and Matty (the proud new aunt and uncle)! *YAY!*

Kiki Ting

For over a week now, I've been religiously tuning in to the Disney Channel (even long after Ashlyn's Playhouse Disney is over) in hopes of seeing the cute chinese girl who sings the "Kim Possible" theme song in mandarin. Well, it finally popped up over the weekend (Saturday night, between 11pm - midnight)....and found out who she is: a 17 year old Taiwanese pop sensation, Kiki Ting. She's super cute in a fobby angelic school-girl sorta way. hehehe
I still can't find the song online...but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it pops up on KaZaA.

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I went over to James and Grace's for dinner. Ed and Sue also joined us. Grace insisted on keeping it a casual affair, but we couldn't resist bringing a pie for Taylor anyway. *tee-hee!*
James and Grace made yummy korean food, and we spent the evening talking and hanging out with the kiddies.

We stayed close to midnight then came home. Ashlyn had a really fun time and crashed out the minute we got home. I'm still feeling stuffed. *burp!* =)

Pictures from tonight:

Birthday Girl


Ashlyn and Lauren

Ed playing with the kids

me and Ashlyn watching "Elmo"

singing the "birthday" song
(Ashlyn, front and center, thought it was HER birthday) HAHAHA!

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