(Thanks for the heads up, Amy!)

What is up with my Hit Counter?! It's gone...forever and ever! I checked and they eliminated the free service. Bummer!
Anyhow, I had nearly 70, 000 hits since August 24th, 2001. *HOLY SCHMOLY!* Time to find another counter.

Today was a quiet and lazy day. Ashlyn and I slept in, had lunch, watched TV, read books, and played games. Ashlyn had a grand ol' time playing "princess" with the tiara she got from Taylor birthday party. Sadly, the thing kept sliding off because Babygirl doesn't have enough hair to hold it in place. HAHAHA!
While Ashlyn napped, I gabbed on the phone with friends, worked on updating the weekend journals, and surfed the web.

Tonight Aric and I BBQ-ed at home. We had salad, Teri-chicken, grilled asparagus, and smashed taters for dinner. Mmmmm!...it was yummy. I'm trying to cook at home a lot more now. Eating out is no longer fun (not to mention, expensive)...and that's not good.

After dinner we met up with Ed, Sue, and Liv at The Spectrum for an evening stroll. It was really warm out tonight. We walked around, had frozen yogurt, and took the kiddies on the carousel. I forgot my camera at home, and missed getting some shots of Liv on her first time on a horse. *poo!* Ashlyn was really excited seeing the carousel, but for some reason, the minute Aric tried putting her one a horse, she freaked out. They ended up riding the stationary bench again. Borrrrring! HAHAHAHA!

I love these evening strolls. It also gives Ashlyn a chance to burn off some excess energy before bedtime. By the time we got home, Ashlyn was ready for bed and went down easily.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Grace's sister, Christine, finally gave birth to a healthy 8lb 12oz girl last Thursday! CONGRATULATIONS! =)

Ashlyn singing

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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