Happy Friday! I can't believe we're at the beginning of yet another month! *shake head*
Is it just me or do you also feel that life has been passing by way too quickly??? =T

This morning I got an email from Wey correcting me about the mysterious "Ty-D Bowl" drink from last weekend: "Hey peg...the drink is call Hpnotiq (pronounced "Hypnotic").
P. Diddy raps about it all the time.
..basically Alize 2.0 to the hip hop crowd."
Thanks, Dude...wouldn't want anyone ordering a drink that's non-existent. hehehe But then again, "Triptonic" would make for a pretty cool drink too. hehehe

Today was a much needed quiet day. Nothing too exciting...laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, uploading pictures, and working on a small project. Since returning from my NorCal trip, I felt like every day has kept me pretty busy...that, combined with the summer heat, long days, and sleep deprivation has worn me thin (hence the delay in journal posts). =P

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to Fashion Island to shop and walk around. The place was lively with people. The night breeze was nice and warm. We picked up a birthday gift, bought Ashlyn another "The Wiggles" DVD, played at the the toy store, checked out the pet shop, and shared a cinnamon sugar pretzel. Oh, I also bought a pretty new dress. =)

We wanted to eat at The Cheesecake Factory at Fashion Island, but the wait was WAY too long. We decided to got to Islands for burgers instead. For some reason, I've been on an Islands-kick lately (their Hula Burger on wheat is the best!).

After dinner, we drove to the lake in Woodbridge and walked off our dinner in the deserted Woodbridge Plaza. Ashlyn's at the age where we no longer need to lug the stroller around. She thoroughly enjoys walking on her own. She ran around in circles while Aric and I followed hand-in-hand. <--I mention it as if it were a rare thing...and it IS.
The truth of the matter is...many times Aric and I are in the company of friends, or preoccupied with taking care of Ashlyn, the ritualistic responsibilities of home, and/or traveling, that we rarely get to spend time and enjoy one another's company.
Even though it didn't sound like we did much tonight, it was especially meaningful to me. =D

Have a great weekend!
Pictures from tonight:


playing at the pop-up water foutain

Ashlyn dropping a penny into the water fountain with a little help from her Daddy


me and Ashlyn at Woodbridge

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