Today Sonny, Ashlyn, and I had lunch in Diamond Bar and checked out several homes in the area. I don't think Sonny was too keen on some of the properties in Diamond Bar. We did see some nice homes...unfortunately they weren't for sale. It was a bit discouraging today...

Sonny: "Let's go..."
Peg: "Okay, where next?"
Sonny: "Home."
Peg: "Whaaa?!...already?"
Sonny: "Yeah...I'm not digging this place."
Peg: "Just one more."
Sonny: *reluctantly* "Alright".

The last house we looked at had bars on the windows and an iron gate covering the front door. Hmmmmm...forget it....let's go home. =T

Sonny, Ashlyn, and I stopped off for boba at Tapioca Express before heading home. The afternoon was spent watching "Elmo", "Barney", and "The Wiggles". Poor Sonny! hehehehe

We played Legos with Ashlyn, but all she wanted to do was destroy everything we made. *sigh* She's very much a brute. We jokingly taught her to break apart a tower of Legos with her head. HAHAHA! I guess we shouldn't teach her that because now she won't stop. She's already sporting a bruise on her forehead (from head butting the TV the other night...no joke). We need to be very careful around her...she's picking up on things quickly.
Last night while we watched TV, either Aric or Sonny said, "that is whack!" and next thing you know, Ashlyn was saying "whack!" *shake head!* Horrible.

Tonight I made sushi bar for dinner. We ate early so we could make a Costco run. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone's for ice cream. It was such a warm night.

The last couple of days, Ashlyn hasn't been taking her naps...so come 8:30-9pm, she's an absolute terror: easily frustrated, impatient, unreasonably demanding, whiny, and clingy. Tonight we put her down early.

Once again, I was really tired....and could barely keep my eyes open during the evening news.

Ashlyn and Sonny at Tapioca Express

Sonny "feeding" Ashlyn. hehehe

Sonny and Ashlyn

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