Aric, Ashlyn, and I got back yesterday around 6pm. Our flight was delayed an hour.
We got up early, packed up our stuff, had brunch at Wil and Tony's with Wey, Ivy, and Oli.
I also got a chance to see Em and Wing before we left. My visit up North flew by a little too quick....and for some reason, this time, it was harder to leave without feeling really sad. =(
When we got into OC, Aric and I grabbed an early dinner at Islands, went grocery shopping, relaxed at home, and went to bed early. Even though I didn't puke on Saturday night, I felt horribly crummy and yucky all day yesterday. Alcohol is not my friend. =(

Today was a better day. Ashlyn and I stayed home settling in. She seems to be much happier at home among her things...though I'm still missing the Bay very much. *sniff*

I cleaned house, did laundry, vacuumed, and tried to control the ant problem in the kitchen. Aric had the pest control people come out twice in the last two weeks. It doesn't seem to alleviate the problem. It's the heatwave, I tell ya....all the colonies invade the home for water and shelter from the sun. *sigh* I called the pest control people again today....they're coming out tomorrow.

Sonny's visiting! He got in around dinner time and we went out for Pho. Aric hates Pho and refuses to take me whenever I ask...but being a gracious host that he is, he agreed tonight per Sonny's request. Thanks, dude! =)

After dinner, we shopped at Ranch 99 and introduced Sonny to Tapioca Express. hehehe The rest of the night was just spent playing with Ashlyn and watching TV.

Around midnight or so, we experienced heavy rain and some strange lightening and thunder storm. It lasted for 40 minutes. I stood on the front porch to watch...it was surprisingly warm and muggy out. A tropical storm much like the typhoons in Taiwan.

Going to bed. G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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