Happy Friday! Ashlyn and I spent the entire day hanging out at Sis'....with her, Chris, Amanda, and Marisa. It was such a lazy day. I sat in front of Sis' computer playing mindless games while the kids played and watched TV. =P

While Marisa and Ashlyn were watching the Disney Channel, something totally caught my attention. I heard the "Kim Possible" theme song ("CALL ME, BEEP ME") sung in mandarin! I looked over at the TV and caught sight of a cute chinese girl in her very own "Kim Possible" video. It was totally cool! I'm still blown away by it, considering I'm not used to hearing Chinese on mainstream TV (the Chinese channel doesn't count).
Hey, if anyone can find it or has a copy of it, let me know. I'll love you forever! hehehe

YAY! Aric flew up today. I really missed him! Though I talk to him every day, and night before bed, it must be really lonely for him all by himself.
Wil picked him and Wey up at the airport for me...and a bunch of us met up at 369 Shanghai Restaurant for dinner. Dinner was really good. Em and Wing joined us after their dinner and they sat with us while we ate. Afterwards, we walked over to Q-Cup for drinks and dessert.

The rest of the evening was spent at Wil and Tony's hanging out and watching MTV's "Who Got Game" and "Tail Daters". <--hilarious show! HAHAHA!

We have a full day tomorrow, so Aric and I took sleepy Ashlyn back to my parents' by midnight to catch some zzzzzs.

Have a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Ivy, Ashlyn, Oli, Tony, and Wil

Wing, Em, and Cin

me and Aric

Wing and em with Cin, Wil, and Wey goofing in the back

the gang at Q-Cup

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