Ashlyn and I spent the entire day with Ivy. She was my personal driver today. hehehe
She picked me up and we went to lunch at A&J's. We walked around The Great Mall in search of something to wear for this weekend....but no such luck. *sigh*

We picked up my mom and shuttled her to a dinner meeting at Ming's in Palo Alto, then we headed over to Santana Row. It was my first time there and I was really impressed. So many restaurants, shops, quaint boutiques, and outdoor seating. The center park-like island and kiosks/store reminds me of 3rd Street Promenade. Very nice.

Tonight we had an unofficial Girl's Nite Dinner at Blowfish. The place was ultra hip, dark with neon lights, loud thumping techno music, and Japanese anime playing on multiple TV screens. It felt like a club. The food was....eh, aiight. Definitely overpriced. They have some cool fusion appetizers, but other than that...the rolls were small and unimpressive. Between the 5 of us, we shared 12 dishes...but it was hardly filling. I left the restaurant wanting a Big Mac. =/

At dinner, Ashlyn started calling me by my name:
Ashlyn: "Pek!"
Peg: *evil eye* "No...you call me 'mommy'!"
Ashlyn: "Maaa-ma!"
Peg: *smiling* "that's right, sweetie."
Ashlyn: "Pek!"
Ashlyn: "Pek!"
Ashlyn: "Pek!"
Ashlyn: "Pek!"

I'm sure she hears my name being called more often these days when we're with my friends. It's cute, but it also sucks. *sigh* =/

After dinner, we hung out in the center park area...grabbed coffee and enjoyed the warm night's breeze. The Row was crowded with young professionals meeting up with clients or friends for dinner. It was really nice! Thanks, Sarah, for driving out to join us!

Pictures from tonight:

Ivy and Sarah

Wil, Bett, and me

Ashlyn's "sour" face

Pyramid of Tartare and Rare Steak somethingerother

Ivy, Bett, Wil, and Sarah

Sarah playing with Ashlyn...or was it the other way around?

"go on...I'm still listening.." HAHA!

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