Yesterday was pretty quiet. Ashlyn and I had dim sum with Mom, Dad, and their friends at Dynasty Seafood. Afterwards, Ashlyn and I ran some errands, and hung out at my parents' house. Had a nice dinner with my parents, Wil, and Tony at home. We all went for another evening stroll to the market...bought some stuff and walked back. Nothing too exciting. It was another scorcher of a day.

Today Ashlyn and I met up with Wing for lunch. We had Tung Kee Noodle - our old stomping grounds. Wing had to rush back for a meeting, so I went over to Ivy's to bug her. hehehe

We worked out at her gym. It's been a good month or so since my feet touched an eliptical machine. It's been sooooo long that I could barely pronounce "eliptical" machine, and made the mistake of saying "epileptic" machine.
Ivy: "Are you going to have seizures?"
....then she and Olivia had a good laugh over that. Yeah, I deserved that one. *dork*

Tonight my mother's friend came over for dinner....the clairvoyant lady. I have to admit, I was feeling kinda nervous beforehand. But after meeting her, my anxiety diminished. She has such a calming affect on me. I was hoping to hear something awesome, or inspiring, or insightful. But she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know about myself.
Anyhow, she is a very wonderful lady and although I'm not quite sure if I fully "believe", I'm glad to have made her acquaintance. =)

We strolled through the neighborhood after dinner....this time, going a bit farther. I really enjoy these evening walks. I kinda wished that Aric and I could do this at home. I think we should start. hehehe

Can I tell you how silly Ashlyn is? This morning she woke me up by calling me "Jeff". She cupped her hands on either side of her mouth and repeatedly yelled, "Jeff!" until I opened my eyes. You don't get it? That's okay....at first, I didn't either.
Jeff is the asian/purple "Wiggle" and he has the tendancy to fall asleep all the time. Kids have to yell "Wake up, Jeff!" to rouse him from his slumber. Funny how Ashlyn made that connection. I'm fascinated by how she thinks. Anyhow, she had a super fun time with Marisa tonight.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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