Today was a long and eventful day. The weather peaked at over 100° at one point...and that left me feeling pretty drained by evening. I'm really tired so I'll try to make it short.

Let's see.....Today Ashlyn and I woke up early, met with Sis and the kids, went to DeAnza College to watch Marisa perform in her first dance recital (Chinese Fan Dance). I thought Marisa did an awesome job...though she begs to differ. For the rest of the day, I kept hearing her say, "I suck!". HAHAHAHA!
Wil joined us at the recital and after the dance number, my sisters and I took the kids to lunch at Wolfe Cafe in Wolfe Plaza. After lunch we walked over to Q-Cup for drinks, where we happened to bump into my cousins, Heather and Eva. I suppose it's no surprise, I always see those two at boba houses. It's nice to know there are people who frequent boba places more than me. hehehehe We stopped off at Target on the way back to my parents' house.

Tonight my mom treated, Wil, Marisa, Ashlyn, and I to a performance of "Starmites" (put on by Children's Musical Theater) at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose. I didn't get to see the show, because once the house lights dimmed, Ashlyn began crying loudly. I took her out to the lobby until she calmed down, then attempted to sneak back in. But she wouldn't have none of that. Ashlyn cried again, so I decided to leave. I took Ashlyn to the park in front of the Fairmont Hotel. We watched kids play in the fountains and listened to street performers jam on their drums. After an hour, I figured the show was in intermission, and headed back to the theater. I found Mom, Wil, and Marisa easily (since we were the only asians there). Ashlyn and I sat in on the show after intermission. She did okay and didn't cry....but my mom was ready to leave.

We met up with Dad at Baker's Square for dinner. When we got home, the house was unbearably hot inside. We decided to take an evening stroll to the market. There is a roundabout with a center water fountain and several park benches in front of the market.
On Sunday evenings, people play music at the roundabout and dance. I find it incredibly cute and romantic. *smile* We sat around for a while watching couples dance...then my parents finally got up the courage to join in. =D

Hope you had a good weekend!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Amanda, Marisa, Ashlyn, Chris, and Sis

Miko, Marisa, and Emily H.

my sisters at lunch

being goofy

me, Mom, Dad, and Wil

dancing in the park

Tony and Wil

me and Tony

Ashlyn making a friend. *giggle*

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